Transactions of FAMENA

International Scientific Journal
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
Ivana Lucica 5, Zagreb, Croatia

Editor-in-Chief: Hrvoje Kozmar

Former Editors-in-Chief:

   Bojan Jerbić (2020-2022)                                                 Ivo Alfirević (2002-2020)

Founding Editor: Ivo Alfirević

ISSN 1333-1124                                                        eISSN 1849-1391

Transactions of FAMENA will carry articles describing fundamental developments in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture on the theoretical, computational and experimental aspects.

The editing of the Journal has been partly supported by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia.

Aims & Scope

Aerospace Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Biomechanics Energetics, Engineering Design, Experimental Methods, Industrial Engineering, Machine Tools and Machining, Materials Science, Mathematical Modelling and Simulation, Mechanical Design, Mechanics & Fluid Mechanics,
Nanotechnology, Naval Architecture, Numerical Methods, Process Planning, Quality Assurance, Robotics & Mechatronics,

Vol. 48 No. 2, 2024
  • Fırat Kafkas, Atakan Uğraş: Investigating the Effect of TIG-Assisted Machining on the Specific Cutting Force, Specific Cutting Energy and Chip Shrinkage Coefficient (pp. 1-16) (pdf)
  • Hamed Kaghazchi, Mustafa Kerem Ün: Investigation of the Effect of Conductivity Changes of Ischemic Heart Tissue on the ST Segment of Electrocardiography Using the Finite Element Method (pp. 17-30) (pdf)
  • Jiří Stodola, Petr Stodola: Accelerated Reliability Tests of Characteristics of Off-Road Vehicles and Their Parts (pp. 31-44) (pdf)
  • Vijayanand J, Vaddi Seshagiri Rao: An Artificial Neural Network Model Supported with Hybrid Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Approaches to Rank Lean Tools for a Foundry Industry (pp. 45-68) (pdf)
  • Zhixin Xiong, Xinyuan Wu, Yu Guo, Ming Ma, Zheng Fu: Analysis of Trawl Net Fishing of Antarctic Krill in a Polar Ice Area (pp. 69-84) (pdf)
  • Visagan A., Ganesh P., Ethiraj N., Kalaichelvan K.: Multi-Objective Optimization of Single Point Incremental Forming of 316L Stainless Steel Using Grey Relational and Principal Component Analyses (pp. 85-99) (pdf)
  • Marina Grabar Branilović, Perica Hajdarović, Anđela Ban, Ivana Mihalic Pokopec: Design and Production of the Splint Using Reverse Engineering and Additive Manufacturing (pp. 101-110) (pdf)
  • Andrijana Ćurković, Milan Ćurković, Domagoj Samardžić: Hierarchical Spline in the Representation of a Model with an Extremely Rough Surface (pp. 111-128) (pdf)
  • Puneet Kumar Gupta, N.P. Yadav: Numerical Investigation Into Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient of the Grinding Fluid Used in a Deep Grinding Process (pp. 129-144) (pdf)
  • Guangzhi Han, Kang Huang, Yangshou Xiong, Guodong Zhu, Jiyou Peng: An Analysis of Time-Varying Meshing Stiffness of High Contact Ratio Gears Considering a High-Order Modification Curve (pp. 145-162) (pdf)
Vol. 48 No. 1, 2024
  • Xueshan Gao, Mingda Miao, Peng Zhao, Pengfei Zhang: Optimization Analysis of the Structural Design and Stability Parameters of a Rehabilitation Robot (pp. 1-25) (pdf )
  • Selvamarilakshmi D, Prasanna J: Experimental Study on the Effects of Crossbeam Parameters in a Fin Ray Robotic Gripper in the Field of Horticulture Applications (pp. 27-45) (pdf)
  • Matija Bauer, Damir Karabaić, Marko Kršulja, Matija Jurcan: An Investigation Into the Applicability of EN24 Steel for Shrink-Fit Tool Holders for CNC Milling Machines (pp. 47-62) (pdf)
  • Domagoj Kojundžić, Nikša Krnić, Zoran Kožuh: Influence of Argon and Helium Purging Flow Rates on the Fusion Zone in Autogenous Stationary TIG Arc Welding of 316L Stainless Steel (pp. 63-86) (pdf)
  • Nai-quan Su, Qing-hua Zhang, Yi-dian Chen, Xiao-xiao Chang, Yang Liu: Composite Fault Diagnosis in Rotating Machinery Based on Multi-Feature Fusion (pp. 87-96) (pdf)
  • Jianying Li, Aokun Wei, Mingyu Yang, Yaqian Wang: Research on the Compliant Control of Electro-Hydraulic Servo Drive Force/Position Switching for a Lower Limb Exoskeleton Robot (pp. 97-116)(pdf
  • WeiXin Chou, YiWei Liu: An Analytical Inverse Kinematics Solution with the Avoidance of Joint Limits, Singularity and the Simulation of 7-DOF Anthropomorphic Manipulators (pp. 117-132)(pdf)
  • Flavius Aurelian Sârbu, Andrea Deaconescu, Tudor Deaconescu: Optimization of the Lapping Process of Parts Made from X2 CrNiMo 17-12-2 Stainless Steel (pp.133-146)(pdf )
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University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
Ivana Lucica 5, 10002 Zagreb, Croatia

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