Transactions of FAMENA

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University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
Ivana Lucica 5, Zagreb, Croatia

Transactions of FAMENA

Editor-in-Chief: B. Jerbić
Founding Editor: I. Alfirević

ISSN 1333-1124

Transactions of FAMENA will carry articles describing fundamental developments in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture on the theoretical, computational and experimental aspects.

Aims & Scope

Aerospace Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Biomechanics Energetics, Engineering Design, Experimental Methods, Industrial Engineering, Machine Tools and Machining, Materials Science, Mathematical Modelling and Simulation, Mechanical Design, Mechanics & Fluid Mechanics, 
Nanotechnology, Naval Architecture, Numerical Methods, Process Planning, Quality Assurance, Robotics & Mechatronics, 

FAMENA, Online First
FAMENA, Vol. 45 No. 1, 2021
  • L. Ćurković, R. Veseli, I. Gabelica, I. Žmak, I. Ropuš, M. Vukšić: A Review of Microwave-Assisted Sintering Technique (pp.1-16)
  • Y.H. Kim, D. W. Jung, H. D. Song, Y. U. Won, D. H. Jung: Experimental Study on Coordinated Heading Control of Four Vessels Moored Side by Side (pp.17-41)
  • Gabriel-Radu Frumusanu, C. Afteni, A. Epureanu: Data-Driven Causal Modeling of the Manufacturing System (pp. 43-62)
  • S. Perišić, J. Barle, P. Đukić, H. Wolf: A Bayesian Conjugate Model for the Estimation of Friction Intensity (pp. 63-77)
  • D. Ma, Y. Liu, Z. Ye, Y. Wei, J. Liu: Analysis of the Tooth Surface Contact Area of a Circular-Arc-Tooth-Trace Cylindrical Gear under Load (pp. 79-94)
  • M. A. Noman, A. AL-Shayea, E. A. Nasr, H. Kaid, A. Al-Ahmari, A. K. Kamrani, H. A. Mahmoud: A Model for Maintenance Planning and Process Quality Control Optimization Based on EWMA and CUSUM Control Charts (pp. 95-116)
  • C. Devanathan, A. SureshBabu: Multi Objective Optimization of Process Parameters by Firefly Algorithm during the Friction Stir Welding of Metal Matrix Composites (pp. 117-128)
  • S. Li, L. Zheng: Vibration Attenuation Mechanism of the Rotor System with Anisotropic Support Stiffness (pp. 129-144)
  • W. Jiao, L. Cheng, D. Zhang, B. Zhang, Y. Su: Investigation of Key Parameters for Hydraulic Optimization of an Inlet Duct Based on a Whole Waterjet Propulsion Pump System (pp. 145-162)

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University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
Ivana Lucica 5, 10002 Zagreb, Croatia

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