Transactions of FAMENA

International Scientific Journal
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
Ivana Lucica 5, Zagreb, Croatia

Editor-in-Chief: Hrvoje Kozmar

Former Editors-in-Chief:

   Bojan Jerbić (2020-2022)                                                 Ivo Alfirević (2002-2020)

Founding Editor: Ivo Alfirević

ISSN 1333-1124                                                        eISSN 1849-1391

Transactions of FAMENA will carry articles describing fundamental developments in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture on the theoretical, computational and experimental aspects.

The editing of the Journal has been partly supported by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia.

Aims & Scope

Aerospace Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Biomechanics Energetics, Engineering Design, Experimental Methods, Industrial Engineering, Machine Tools and Machining, Materials Science, Mathematical Modelling and Simulation, Mechanical Design, Mechanics & Fluid Mechanics,
Nanotechnology, Naval Architecture, Numerical Methods, Process Planning, Quality Assurance, Robotics & Mechatronics,

Vol. 46 No. 2(online first)
  • Bekir Yelmen, Mutlu Tarık Çakır, Çagrı Ün: Estimation of Average Monthly Total Solar Radiation on a Horizontal Surface for the Central Anatolia Region: Example of Sivas Province (pp.1-14) (pdf)
  • Aleksandar Todić, Milan T. Djordjević, Dušan Arsić, Dragan Džunić, Vukić Lazić, Srbislav Aleksandrović, Božidar Krstić: Influence of Vanadium Content on the Tribological Behaviour of X140CrMo12-1 Air-Hardening Steel (pp.15-22) (pdf)
  • Longqiu Shao, Qinghua Zhang, Gaowei Lei, Naiquan Su, Penghui Yuan: A Dimensionless Immune Intelligent Fault Diagnosis System for Rotating Machinery (pp.23-36) (pdf)
  • Qinhong Fan, Hongwei Gao, Zhibing Chu, Yuxin Zhang, Yanan Cui, Wenze Wang: Hot Compression Test and Microstructure Evolution in LZ50 Axle Steel (pp.37-53) (pdf)
  • Khalil Belras Ali, Bilge Demir, Hakan Gürün, Mustafa Acarer: Influence of Punch Shapes on Forces and Part Quality in the Punching of Explosively Welded DP600, Al1100, and DP600-Al1100 Composite Plates (pp.55-68) (pdf)
  • Jenn-Yih Chen, Yi-Ling Lin, Bean-Yin Lee: Prediction Model of End Mill Cutting Edge Based on Material Properties and Cutting Conditions (pp.69-84) (pdf )
  • Daniel Miler, Matija Hoić, Dominik Birt, Milan Kostelac: A Comparison of Welded Structure Cost Calculation Methods (pp.85-96) (pdf )
Vol. 45 No. 4, 2021
  • Harikrishnan Vinoth Kumar, Annamalai Sivakumar: Integrating Ergonomic Factors with Waste Identification Diagram to Enhance Operator Performance and Productivity in the Textile Industry (pp.1-21) (pdf)
  • Shuwen Zhou, Qingyun Wang, Jinshuang Liu: Control Strategy and Simulation of the Regenerative Braking of an Electric Vehicle Based on an Electromechanical Brake (pp.23-40) (pdf )
  • A. Ramesh Kumar, S. Jayabal, M. Pradeep Kumar, P. Thirumal: A Qualitative Analysis of Indoor Air Quality Pollutants inside a Private Car Cabin Using Response Surface Methodology (pp.41-55) (pdf)
  • Irena Krstic, Slobodan Gvozdenovic, Petar Mirosavljevic: Aircraft Performance Checking Process to Achieve an Acceptable Level of Safety Through the Compliance Monitoring Function (pp.57-80) (pdf)
  • Özgür Verim: Development and Investigation of the Mechanical Behaviour of Circular External Fixators during the Gait Cycle (pp.81-90) (pdf)
  • S. Vijayan, T. Parameshwaran Pillai: Application of a Machine Learning Algorithm in a Multi Stage Production System (pp.91-102) (pdf)
  • B. Rajmohan, K. Arunachalam: Mechanical Properties of Banana/Bamboo/Coconut Fibre Based Phenolic Hybrid Composites Made by Using Autoclave Moulding Technique (pp.103-114) (pdf)
  • Goran Janjić, Zorana Tanasić, Ranhttp://)ka Tomić Stojković: Development of a Quality Management Model in the Automotive Industry with a Focus on the Quality of Incoming Products (Part I) (pp.115-126) (pdf)

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University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
Ivana Lucica 5, 10002 Zagreb, Croatia

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